The Cats and the Cucumber

If you’ve seen this video you might be tempted to scare your cat with a cucumber. I was. I was tempted.

There are several articles out now about how scaring your cat with a cucumber can be traumatic (such as this one). Some cats are fragile. The scare may cause him or her have a permanent fear of cucumbers.

Seems to me like those cats were already afraid of cucumbers. The only way to overcome the fear is to expose a cat to more cucumbers, right? I mean, it not like he’s going to get over the fear through therapy and cucumber photos. Right?

Well, before I read the advice from vets, I tried it. I purchased a shiny new cucumber and carefully placed it near each of our unsuspecting cats.

I waited. Our cats turned and …

Each one gave exactly zero hoot about the cucumber. 

Then I picked up the cucumber and started wiggling it at each cat trying to get one of them to react. They just looked at me like, “human, what the heck are you doing?” Then one of the cats smelled the cucumber as if he might like to eat it. And he rubbed his whisker pads on the cucumber, claiming it as his own.

That’s when the family caught me playing with the cucumber and the cats. They gave me the same”What the heck are you doing?” look that each of the cats had given me. And everybody backed away.

Good times.

I got no photos of the actual cucumber event (or non-event as the case may be). Maybe I’ll try it again later.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of our cat Mojo looking particularly chill.

Fear the cucumber! Fear it! But mostly because you’ll look really silly waving a cucumber at your cat. It could be traumatic (for you).

Now I better look up some cucumber recipes.

(This post is also for NaBloPoMo.)


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