Friends in Paper Form

I spent a portion of today going through items that we set aside to donate. Things we need to get out of this little place we call home.

We’d set these aside awhile ago, each of us contributing to a group of containers near the door.

My daughter set aside an entire box of books. I knew they were there.

Clifford’s inside. Dinosaurs that say good night. Magic Tree Houses. Lonely Fireflies. Kittens. Betty Lou Blue and her flappety shoes. School Buses. The Matzo Ball Boy (akin to the gingerbread kind). And Dilly the Duckling who lost his feather so many times.

My daughter may think that she’s too old for them. But I’m not! They’re my friends! I can’t abandon them to the cold! (Most of them are critical to a special mode of time travel … and they never age.)

Oh, this is hard.

I’m so bad.

I’m rescuing Clifford, Dinosaurs, Fireflies, Betty Lou, the Matzo Ball Boy (though he’s nothing but trouble), and Dilly the Duckling too.

I’m having a hard time with Curious George. Maybe he can stay and go?

Gone will be Magic Tree Houses, most of the Kittens, school buses, and some lesser Cliffords too. They can keep each other company as they find loving new homes. I’ll say, “good bye,” and wish them well. And then I’ll cry. (I wish I was better at this.)

(This post is also for NaBloPoMo.)


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