In Other News – Three Things

Two Three things of note happened:

That’s right. It’s an empty washer and dryer at the same time!

I didn’t even realize until I opened the washer to put clothes in the dryer, and it was empty. This is a rare thing.

Also, I finally painted my fingernails (which I’ve been wanting to do since July). I know that seems trivial. But I thought it worth mentioning since, well yeah.

I also reached 100 Followers here on WordPress which is even cooler than the washer and dryer being empty at the same time. (Empty didn’t last long anyway.)

Hopefully these 100 way-cool-folks will be around for a while. I aim to keep things interesting or helpful — both would be even better! I’ll cross my newly manicured fingers. (I’m a little nervous about posting the milestone. Ack.)

WordPress is going through lots of changes right now so that my WordPress app is now showing three copies of my blog on my screen. Two of these do not work. The third one does (for now). I’m not sure how to fix this. Hopefully, I won’t accidentally explode WordPress and my posts and 100 Followers will go poof.

I know 100 may not be a lot compared to some. But I’m happy about it. I’ve really enjoyed writing, interacting, and reading others’ blogs and comments too. I’ve learned a lot (and have gobs more to go).

Thank you, folks!

(This is also a post for NaBloPoMo. I think this might be my 19th. Ack.)


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